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The 6 elements of life

“The 6 elements of life are to laugh, give, share, enjoy, care, and live a strong and full life.” – Indrani Smith I am regularly amazed by my daughter. Today’s IQ is entirely by her, and I couldn’t be prouder:

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Don’t hide yourself.

“Don’t hide yourself. Be yourself.” – Indrani Smith I have a few confessions, and a few qualifications about this IQ: 1) I am a little bit proud of my daughter who, at age 7, created a stack of about 15

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Try, try and keep trying.

“Try, try, and keep trying. It’s all you can ever do in your life!” – Indrani Smith It’s no revelation that I love my daughter more than I can express in words. Imagine, then, how much my heart swelled when

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Eat healthy.

“Eat healthy. Be healthy. Think healthy.” – Indrani Smith. Yes, I’m related to the person who gave us today’s quote. It is, in fact, my 7-year-old daughter, Indrani. Tonight, just after dinner, Indrani grabbed her journal. “I have something to

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