Don’t hide yourself.


“Don’t hide yourself. Be yourself.” – Indrani Smith

I have a few confessions, and a few qualifications about this IQ:

1) I am a little bit proud of my daughter who, at age 7, created a stack of about 15 IQ-worthy quotes for me to use. (She kept running back into the room to read us a new inspirational quote that she’d just written. It was the most gloriously creative and uplifting experience, I’m telling you.)

2) I love this portrait of this unkempt, wild-looking-yet-clearly-caged horse. It doesn’t really link to the quote, and I don’t really care ;)  I just love the intensity, the wildness, the background, the mood, the drama, the composition, the pile of crap directly behind the horse (turns out he DOES give a shit… aha)… I could go on. I just love it.

3) I am NOT advocating that my daughter has, does, or should ever have any connection with horses. There shall be no horses to be owned, groomed, rented, etc. They are for looking and borrowing only.

4) I’m smiling deeply in anticipation of Indrani’s expression when she finds out tomorrow that another of her quotes made it all the way to published IQ status.


Random aside:

I mentioned a day or two ago that I had a really tough photography gig to shoot. Shot that this afternoon. Cried buckets (told you so) and got SUCH a kick in the guts about perspective, absolute and relative wealth, and how much I love my family and my life. Cherish those you hold dear, my friends. Give your loved ones some extra special cuddles or love or something. Phone a friend and tell them you miss them. Whatever it is, just CONNECT, OK?

I loves youse all, youse all are grouse*.


With love,
Israel. xo
*for the International readers, or those of you who are not from Melbourne (not that I am, but anyway…) “grouse” is an adjective, defined in Urban Dictionary as “meaning something wonderful, amazing”. So there you go. :)