Hi, I’m Israel. I’m a Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Co-Founder, Writer, Entrepreneur… also a Husband, Father, Surfer, Skateboarder, Musician and Sensitive, Open-Hearted Man. I’m a Well-Being and Emotional Resilience coach, mostly for men, and I’m the co-Founder of a leading Australian health transformation social enterprise called The Root Cause, dedicated to empowering kids to make better food choices.


In my work as a coach, I work with men who want to be the best version of themselves for their partner and/or kids, but aren’t quite sure what that looks like. Maybe they’ve been feeling stuck, or trapped, or maybe they’ve wanted to change things but have been unable to follow through. If that sounds like you, you may be interested in working with me as your coach.


I host The Illuminating Lives podcast, which is a weekly chat exploring what it takes to live an “Illuminating” life – a life that lights us up from the inside, and gives us the strength and tools to share our light with others. Join me on your favourite podcast app.


I love the power of public speaking to inspire, educate and move people. I speak about Thriving Through Uncertainty, the life-changing power of self-care, and how important it is to truly honour ourselves by taking care of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I’ve presented online and in person to audiences big and small, in Australia and abroad, and would love to tailor a presentation for your team or organisation. Contact me with your specific needs and we can get started.


I write about life, challenges, work, depression, art, and love – partly because I love writing, and partly because I love helping people. Who knows? Maybe something I’ve experienced and written about will help you? I’ve sporadically written a bunch of other stuff over the past few years, and if you feel like trawling through it all, start here.

Mental Health

I have survived depression and anxiety, and lost my father to suicide. I’ve held seminars, written articles and given interviews about my journey into and out of depression – and I’ve been a proud Community Champion for PANDA. I’ve also separately been diagnosed with anxiety, and I truly believe mental health needs all the awareness it can get. I participate in Fluro Friday whenever I can.

Inspirational Quotographs (IQs)

For a few years (2013-2014), I produced and wrote over 600 daily Inspirational Quotographs and accompanying essays – about life, challenges, work, depression, art and love. I’m immensely proud of this part of my body of work. Explore the archive here.


From 2004-2015 I spent 12 years as a professional family portrait and wedding photographer. I no longer shoot professionally (or much at all, really), but if you’re a past client and want access to your archives, I still have everything I ever shot. Send me an email and we can figure something out.


I’ve been working on a memoir on and off for a few years now, regarding the making of my recent travelling odyssey, called From Normal To Nomad. In it, I explore the crazy adventure of leaving a regular life in Sydney, and packing my life into a motorhome to travel Australia for 2+ years. I blogged daily about it for a while, and it’s currently in stasis while I build my coaching practice.


I’m currently spending most of my time coaching and speaking, hanging out with the three greatest loves of my life, learning to build hollow timber surfboards, and surfing at my home break of Crescent Head.

Welcome. It’s great to meet you.

Phone: +61 413 708 432
Email: israel@israelsmith.com