September 29, 2014


“The 6 elements of life are to laugh, give, share, enjoy, care, and live a strong and full life.” – Indrani Smith

I am regularly amazed by my daughter. Today’s IQ is entirely by her, and I couldn’t be prouder:


Such beautiful things, elements of life.

Today I’ve given you six to think about.

I uncovered these wonderful sparks in the world we live in by thinking about my past few days; from the things I’ve done and the things I haven’t.

I learnt from my pride, rage, and happiness, and I hope you uncover some of your own sparks and surprises in life, because everyone has their own unique abilities.


She’s 8 years old, by the way. Mind = blown.

With love,
Israel. xo

PS Thankyou, Indrani, I love you, and you amaze me. Constantly.


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