January 6, 2016

In any endeavour, there is a point at which one must overcome the inertia of being still and, through sheer might of will and force of effort, drive the whole enterprise forward. 

A complicated way of saying that sometimes you just gotta hustle. 

But why complicate a simple concept? Obfuscation? Misdirection?

Actually I posit that “hustle” is an over-simplification of what it takes to get anything new started, and the complexity of language mirrors the complexity of creation. 

New ideas take time to germinate. They need nurturing and pruning in equal parts. The end goal must be considered, as must the jumping-off point, along with the waypoints and operational elements. 

A myriad decisions necessarily infest any new endeavour – from idea and planning through to execution and reflection after the fact. 

But, now I think about it, the only complexity about creation is when our heads get in the way and we slip out of the present moment.  

Pure creativity is simple – allowing the inspiration to pour through you into the creation. 

Over thinking it? Probably. It’s getting late (again) and I’m struggling a bit with my ideas. 

So we hustle to create something new. 


Because creativity is its own reward. Because art. Because the world always needs new ideas. Because appraising the completed idea/artwork/thing is a deeply satisfying reward too. 

For now I’m enjoyjng creativity as its own reward. But I know other rewards will follow. 

With love and wellness,
Israel. xo

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