January 7, 2016

Well, what is the point?

Of what, you ask? Oh, you know… life, work, anything…

For some reason my subconscious threw me this question as I started to write. I figure something in me needs to see this answered and also shared with you. 

Fortunately for you, dear reader, in the long dark evenings of my depression and subsequent recovery, I have come up with an answer, of sorts, to this question over the past few years. 

Firstly, let me pre-qualify this in all blunt honesty: it really makes no difference what I say in this essay about the point of anyone else’s life or work, because the point of our life is whatever we choose to make it. 

It is not dependent on or answerable to other people’s opinions or beliefs. It is not up to anyone else to decide for us – not our spouse, our parents, our peers, or our children. It is up to us. 

Our lives are our own creation and our own adventure. We can make anything of ourselves and our lives that we are brave enough to choose. 

So whether I say “This is the point” or “That is the point” makes no difference. 

Your life, you choose. 

If we then consider the idea purely for curiosity’s sake, I can put forward a couple of my own ideas that I believe have some merit. 


I’m a sucker for love. Always have been, always will be. I believe one of the most incredible forces in the world – rivalling even “The Force” – is LOVE. 

Lennon/McCartney sang: “All you need is love, love, love is all you need.” Totes agree. 

See that photo up the top? That is MY love. She married me to that song I just mentioned by John, Paul, George & Ringo. 

THAT is a good point of one’s life, work, or anything. Don’t you think?

Two: Adventure

I’m all about adventure. Clearly. And why not? Why not see, smell, feel, hear and taste all that the world has to offer during our (most likely) one and only life?

Given the choice to enrich our lives and broaden our experiences, why would you not take it?

I think Yoda had it WRONG when he said: “Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi craves not these things…”
Unless a Jedi does not crave these things in the same way they do not crave oxygen; it is simply essential to live. 

I can live with that reading of the sacred text. 

Three: Giving Our Gift

I’ve heard it said that the point of life is to discover our gift and then give it away as much and often as possible. 

I love this and will gladly put it as my third answer to the question of “What is the point, anyway?”

It’s my current quest. 

Four: Family

Define family how you will – blood relations, children, or simply people with whom you share a common bond and love for. 

I reckon family is everything: a compass, a home base, an anchor, a pair of wings, a jumping off and a landing point…

You get the idea. 

So, what is the point?

They are my points. Love, adventure, family and giving our gifts. That sums up what I choose my life to be about. 

Is one of these more important than another? Nah. Well, maybe love. Love really is all you need. 
What is your point?

With love & wellness,
Israel. xo

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