You’ll Never Walk Alone

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“You’ll never walk alone.”

My wife told me this quote after seeing the photo I was planning to use for today’s IQ. (Full disclosure. ;) )

It makes sense. We’ve been pushing pretty hard on a few fronts lately, and yesterday afternoon – after too much junky food and too little sleep – I crashed into bed at the same time as the kids, which was the very-pensioner-hour of 7:15pm. Up until that point there’d been arguing, stress, tension, and a few tears – including mine.

Her comment this morning echoes how I feel whenever I have her by my side – even when things are really really challenging, I’m not alone. I’m fortunate enough to always know that Belinda is on my side, walking with me, and holding me up if I need it.

Who is in your support network?

Well, for starters, me.

Know that you can always drop me an email if you need a virtual hug. Or some kind words. Or just someone to say “it’s all going to be OK” to you, when you need it most.

Interesting. Today’s quote has become a declaration of love for you all, as well as an amazing gift to me from my wife. Perfect.

With love,
Israel. xo