Where words fail, music speaks


“Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

I’m sure you can relate. There are some times where I simply can’t express myself, and I have to retreat into the world of music to find the language for me.

Like most teenage males, I had a very dark period of my teens where I simply sat in my room listening to heavy metal/punk/thrash music. I’m sure there were parts of my teens where I was experiencing undiagnosed depressive episodes. But regardless, I formed a strong love of the genre, and still return to it to find solace when I have no answers myself.

What kind of music do you find comfort in?

The photo today is of my drumset – Ludwigs (like John Bonham) – and the font I chose today is the one I used in creating the logo for my first original band “Roger The Engineer”.

Hans Christian Andersen was Danish, and it’s entirely likely that his descendants became hardcore rockers. Denmark and neighbouring Norway and Sweden have an amazing pedigree of fantastic rock bands.

Anyway, I’m disappearing into my music for a few hours to get some serious work done.

With love,
Israel. xo