Work Hard, Play Hard, Have Fun


“Work hard, play hard, have fun.”

Every Wednesday morning for most of the school year, Indrani has had band practice at 8am – a slightly earlier start than usual, and it has mostly been me that takes her to band each week. (Indrani is a drummer, just like her old man.)

Today, the older kids are at band camp, and we have a later start. I remembered that one morning about a month or so back, I dropped Indrani off and – quite flippantly – said “OK, bye sweetheart. Remember: work hard, play hard, have fun!”

One of the instructors stopped, looked at me, and said “Wow, that’s actually pretty awesome advice for life, generally!”  I laughed, agreed, thanked him, and walked back home, instantly forgetting the gem of a line that my subconscious had thrown my way. Until today, obviously.

Interestingly, and fittingly, this photo reminds me of musical notes – the shadows look like a double quaver, sort of – and the quirkiness of a pair of sunglasses wedged into the sand is all about fun. By the way, this was not staged at all – I found these sunnies, exactly as they are, down at Coogee Beach one morning doing a photo shoot with my sister.

(The shoot was for Bree’s website Dream Abreeze – check it out and place an order if you like handmade jewellery, dream catchers, and other crafty items.)

So. Today’s moral: work hard, play hard, have fun.


With love,
Israel. xo