The thing about perfection


“The thing about perfection is it’s unknowable. It’s impossible. But it’s always right in front of you.” – Kevin Flynn

Watched TRON:Legacy tonight. (That explains the font, and the quote.)

I’ve been thinking about perfection a lot, and this quote happened at the end of the film.

What I wrote earlier tonight:


I’m not perfect. I never said I was.

I make mistakes. Daily. Often many times per day.

I fall down, and each time I do my best to get back up quickly. Sometimes it takes longer than normal.

I fail all the time.

I let myself down. I let my wife and children down. I let others down.

I apologise, make amends, and keep doing my best to move forward.

I hurt, just like everybody. I sometimes feel ashamed, sad, insecure and fearful.



I am simply trying to find a path through life to make me happy, to help me do what I think is the best for my family, and to make a difference somewhere in the world, no matter how small.

If that works for you, great. Keep reading. For you and for me, I’ll keep driving and striving and hugging the turns. I’ll also keep writing and publishing, for you and for me.

If it smacks of hypocrisy that I write these things each day and fail to live up to them most days, then please be my guest and unsubscribe, or otherwise stop reading. I’ll miss you, but I’d rather you spend your time on something that gives you value, and aligns with your world views.

Is this whole piece a bit self indulgent? Yeah. A bit.

But I’d rather we know where we each stand. I’m not an invulnerable superhero, I’m just a flawed guy who keeps trying, each day, to make things work.

I’m Israel. How can I help?


With love,
Israel. xo