March 9, 2013


Hi everyone!

Today’s IQ is of particular relevance to me. Well, they are all particularly relevant to me – I could probably review the past three weeks’ worth and tell you exactly what I was thinking about in my life that inspired the IQ, or gave the quote some relevance, or even prompted me to take the photo & produce the Quotograph.

For the past few weeks I’ve just been pushing on through as best I could. There’s been nothing huge going on, just the same old work/family/health/time juggling act. This past few weeks have tested me, though.

The upside is that I’ve made it through the darkest moments of the past few weeks, and I’m glimpsing dawn on the horizon. (Metaphorically, you understand.)

I want to share the full story with you – click here to read the full post.

Please feel free to share this little piece of inspiration with the people you know and love. Maybe you know a friend who has been doing it tough? Send them this email – they might find a little bit of hope in it somewhere, and that might just make the difference for their day, or even their week!

Thankyou again for being here. I really value every single one of you that keep reading and enjoying these Inspirational Quotograph emails.

With love,
Israel. xo


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