Family Photographer Interviews – #1 Angela and Chad

This is the first in a series of Family Photographer Interviews. In this series – starting in Week 2 of our 10th Birthday Celebration – I will be interviewing some of our long-term clients about their experiences with us, and why photography is so important to them.

Today’s interview is with Angela and Chad, a gorgeous couple who met with me about shooting their wedding back in 2008. Over the years we’ve been in touch quite regularly, and have become great friends. The relationships I form with my clients are some of the best bits of my work (and there are plenty of awesome bits!) so I wanted to chat with Ange and Chad about the fun, awesome, hilarious experience we’ve all had working together. I’m still honoured when I am chosen as THE family photographer, and I always end up becoming friends with my clients as I help them capture their journey. 

The Video Interview

Watch the short video below to hear it all in Angela & Chad’s words. Make sure you watch the whole video – there’s some amazing comments about professional photography being expensive around the 2:30 mark, and some beautiful words from the couple about working with me towards the end. All in all, there are plenty of reasons given why they’ve chosen me as their family photographer. It’s actually very humbling and very inspiring to hear the reasons I do what I do, shared from my client’s perspective.

Thankyou Angela and Chad – I’m so grateful for your honesty and energy!

A Special Gift

As part of our 10th Birthday Celebrations, I’ve decided to randomly recognise a select number of our long-term clients with a retrospective, but also with a complimentary follow-up shoot and some portraits, as a thankyou for supporting us for so many years!

Angela and Chad are first cabs off the rank, with a gift of photography and a collection of prints to add to their upcoming “Israel Smith Photography Wall” in their (hopefully soon) new home! Woohoo!

A Retrospective

To follow on from this video, I wanted to include a bit of a retrospective post on Ange and Chad’s journey so far, told in photographs.

Due to some “interesting times” for the couple, I was only recently able to show Ange and Chad their family portraits from when Jaxie-Rose was 6 months old. As you would have seen in the video, Jaxie-Rose is now almost 2 years old, and the family now has a new addition of little Xyla-Daye. In a few weeks’ time I’ll be creating some more family portraits with Xyla-Daye’s at a similar age to when Jaxie-Rose was photographed.

Now, on with the story! It began, as these things do, with a pre-wedding portrait session on the cliffs at Coogee. I’ve included some of my favourites from their engagement portraits, followed by a few choice wedding images, before closing with some highlights from their most recent shoot with their daughter Jaxie-Rose.

Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0001Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0003Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0004Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0005Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0007Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0010Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0011Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0012Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0013 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0014 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0015 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0016 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0017 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0018 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0019 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0020 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0025 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0026 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0027 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0028 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0029 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0030 Israel-Smith-Family-Portraits-Angela_Chad_0031


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