January 17, 2013

It’s seventeen days into the new year of 2013. I’ve been thinking, surfing, walking, running, fathering, husbanding, working, and playing lots. I’ve even managed to fit in some morning yoga each day for the past week or so.

I feel fabulous, and yet I feel restricted.

From what? My life is comfortable – financially we’re a bit in the red (let’s call it pink), but lifestyle-wise, I am utterly comfy. I have a deeply satisfying occupation as a photographer, and my business turns 9 in two months. I enjoy a spectacular relationship with my delightful and delicious wife. My children teach me, and entertain me, every single day. There’s time for friends, and time for me.

So what on earth is so restrictive about all this?

Wanting and Not Doing.

Since before 1 January I’ve been intending to write each and every day. I’ve been wanting to, and thinking about it often – several times each day, actually. I’ve even been coming up with wonderful topics to write about. And yet I’ve not done anything about it.

The restriction comes from my intention not being fulfilled. It’s a kind of mental constipation. I want to be a writer, and the key to that is to write.

Yet so far, I’ve managed to think about it, plan it, consider it, but NEVER ACTUALLY DO IT.

Procrastination is one word for it. Paralysis by analysis is another. Simply put, I’ve been over-thinking this whole exercise.

I’ve realised I’ve been wanting to enjoy the finished product, without going through any of the research & development, the testing, or the production to create the product. It’s kind of like wanting the car to be finished and driveable without even drawing up the designs or making wheels.

Just Do It.

So today I made a choice.

I chose to simply write about this experience, and start my journey as a writer, by – funnily enough – writing.

I’m getting on with it.

I’m CERTAIN a lot of what I publish will be junk. I’m almost certain that I’ll change tack at some stage, and my initial ideas on what I write about and why, will change. I’m even pretty sure that part way through this adventure I’ll want to stop, turn around and go home.

But the point is that I want to be a writer, so I need to write.

I made a choice.

And Now… Over To You.

Let me ask you some challenging questions.

In your life, how many times have you put off doing something you want to do? How many wonderful, justified excuses do you have for not taking action on something inspiring or important? What was it that you wanted to do when you were 10 years younger, that you have given up on because “life got in the way”?

It’s kinda confronting, isn’t it?

Guess what? The years keep passing, whether you want them to, or not. Good old Father Time doesn’t care if you put something off, or if you start, take action and make your life that little bit better.

What is the single action you can take that will make the most profound difference in your life?



Because life is short. Because you’re worth it. Because you owe it to yourself. Because the clock keeps ticking.

The only person who make this choice is YOU.

So, what choice will you make? Will you take action? Or will you, by doing nothing, choose to continue down the same path?

I trust you’ll make the right decision.

With love,



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