Words empty as the wind


“Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid.” – Homer

Empty was the keyword tonight as I sat down to create an IQ. I honestly was – and kinda still am – utterly empty.

I have worked hard, played hard, fought hard, and generally pushed hard all ’round.

Note: Empty is not synonymous with unhappy. I am quite content. Tired, maybe? Hmm. Possibly tired.

I think I need to fill up on some art, take some pictures just for me, meditate or do some yoga, or something. Or possibly all of the above.

Forgive this fractured attempt at an IQ – some days I can’t help but type; the prose pours from my consciousness like water from a ruptured bucket.

Other days extracting sentences is like untangling a collection of knotted ephemeral gossamer threads.

For now? Rest and recuperation.

With much love,
Israel. xo

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