August 25, 2013


“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.” – Tony Robbins

It could be argued that our commitment is really the only limit to our impact. All of us have ideas, all of us are creative.

For some, the creative instinct is buried deep beneath a veneer of “fitting in”, “working hard” and “earning money”. For others, creativity is as natural as breathing, and they produce a constant stream of creative output as easily as walking down the street.

Humans are innately creative beings – we shape our world based on the visions we construct in our own heads, in our imaginations.

So what stops us?

Fear. Doubt. Poor prioritisation. And, a lack of commitment.

Have you ever booked an overseas holiday? The act of purchasing a plane ticket is a huge commitment. Once bought, that ticket represents a fixed end-point by which everything else about that holiday must be organised: luggage, passport, visa, currency, annual leave, house-sitting, etc.

Making that first commitment is the pivotal point at which our imagination: “Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break?” – starts to become a reality: “I’m taking an overseas holiday.”

We have many conflicting priorities. Working hard, spending time with family, exercise, relaxation, being awake, sleeping, and so on. Add the constant distractions of email, social media, television and advertising, plus the general underlying stress we all live with on a day to day basis, and it can be difficult to find a clear path.

So how do we get through this? How do we find enough clear headspace to create a new path, and commit to making it happen?

I believe starts with eliminating as many distractions as possible, taking excellent care of oneself, and creating a peaceful, low-stress environment for ourselves.

Once we’ve done that, we can create new ideas from our imagination. And once we’ve created those new ideas, WE NEED TO COMMIT.

What crazy ideas have you been harbouring, waiting for the right time for them to happen?

What is holding you back from making that first commitment?

Here’s a few things I’m learning:

– Conditions will never be perfect;
– Life will always be busy;
– Time waits for NO ONE.

So. Perhaps you need to make that first commitment, and get things started?


Let me know how you get on.

With love,
Israel. xo


PS. I’m running a series of seminars in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne about how I built a ragingly-successful business, burned out and developed depression, and then restructured my business and redesigned my lifestyle to give me a fantastic balance. For more info, and to book tickets, visit The Life of Your Dreams.


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