Switch off.


“Switch Off.”

My apologies for a late dispatch this morning. But here’s the reason, and subsequent inspiration for today’s IQ:

Background: I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone (again) around the middle of last week, and I think it actually will stick this time. As a result of this, I now look at my phone only for phone calls/text messages, to check the time, to occasionally check email if I’m expecting something and away from my desk, and to make sure my IQs are delivering on time. (Somehow, Saturday’s has vanished into the Interwebs. No idea why. It’s here if you want to look / read. ) I also browse the internet if I’m researching something for our business/bus, but that’s kinda about it now.

So anyway, we got home late last night after a delightful weekend at my Mum’s place. Because of my FB-less iPhone, I looked it hardly at all over the weekend, and spent the most amazing time connecting with my parents and relatives. I went for a surf/swim both days, and loved it.

Then, knowing that I had to get an IQ out this morning, I was all ready to come straight into the office before 8am, when I realised that the core of my bad technology habits start when I look at screens too early in the morning.

Instead – on my wife’s insistence – I got out for a run and a swim, and for the first time in probably YEARS, I didn’t have headphones on. I didn’t use the MapMyRun app to see how long I’d run. I simply ran, breathed, monitored my form, and enjoyed looking around and thinking while I ran. Then I swam for a bit, and same deal. Then I walked home.

I looked around so much, I feel so much clearer as a result of the time out, where I just SWITCHED OFF, and I plan to continue this.

I will be back on time for my IQs from tomorrow, but the key here is that I needed to put my Switch Off time first this morning instead of my IQ, because that will make the biggest difference to my life through prioritising my self-care above screens. Permanently.

Thanks for your patience, and do yourself a favour – take some time now and then to disconnect and Switch Off the devices. It is GLORIOUS.

With love,
Israel. xo