September 27, 2014


“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” – Caroline Myss

You may have noticed an absence of IQs for the past two days.

In a word? Overwhelm.

I have been so utterly overwhelmed, and so “spent” that I haven’t had anything meaningful to say. I wish it were otherwise, and I feel bad for breaking my own commitment to publish every single day, but I guess something in me needed the time out.

When my head gets really full, as I’ve probably written about before, I start to drop commitments. It’s like a built-in pressure-relief valve in my head.

Recently I’ve become really solid on what actually makes the biggest difference for my family – my paid work, and my health – and I take care of those things first. In itself, this is a big deal.

Previously, I have shunned even the paid work part, meaning that I sabotage not only my own well-being, but that of my family too. (Not a good idea.)

So I can at least say I’m getting better, which is kinda the point of this whole journey, right?

Today’s IQ is all about letting my intuition take over, and simply dropping the IQs for a short break. During the past two days of non-publishing, my mind was going crazy. In spite of this, my heart and my soul felt a sense of relief at not publishing, which tells me that my soul needed the rest.

The fact that this IQ has felt cathartic, fun, and of some value, tells me that I made the right decision.

I hope you are well.

With love,
Israel. xo


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