You must not lose faith in humanity


“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Today was such a mixed bag.

Some successes. Some failures. Some moments of “No, seriously?! Oh come ON.” and some moments of “YEAH!”


  • Fixing my Lexmark printer with some logic, a screwdriver, and a little faith in my own ability with said screwdriver;
  • Doing an interview with Bel, hosted by the exuberant DJ Paine (also a reader of my IQs) for his Black Market Network podcast.
  • Being told by DJ that another photographer had referred to me as “isn’t he that depression photographer?!”


  • My mood taking a turn after only two slices of bread yesterday with lunch. I woke up foggy and grumpy. Ugh.
  • My son still being a bit sick and whingey after his Measles last week.
  • Parental guilt at not playing with him as often as he asks me. (Sadly, I DO have to work sometimes… tell that to my 4yo son…)
  • Losing Bel’s iPhone at the shopping centre today at lunch.

And now, the crowning achievement – the “HELL YEAH!” moment – that has left me emotionally drained, and in a post-adrenaline coma-like trance:

After discovering the “Find My Phone” app on my iPhone, I was able to remotely put Bel’s phone into “lost mode”, meaning that it locked up and displayed a message on the front saying “Hey! This phone is lost. Please call me on xxxx xxx xxx.”

I even added: “Reward offered.”

After almost an hour of looking, retracing our steps, asking shop owners, and all-but-giving-up … we drove away from the shopping centre. Half way home my phone rang, from Bel’s lost phone.


I negotiated where to meet, we drove furiously back to the shops, and I sprinted – like, really sprinted – back to the agreed meeting point. The young school-aged guy said his Mum had found the phone. I offered him a reward of some cashola from the nearest ATM, to which he politely declined.

Faith in humanity = restored.

Aside: I am SO glad it’s my birthday later this week, as I’ll be getting some new Vibrams (my toes have worn through my current pair) so I can go for a run without taking layers of skin off my toes. My body literally SOARED when I started sprinting. Even though I was in jeans and flip-flops/thongs. I felt ALIVE. More of that, please.

With love,
Israel. xo

PS Sorry today’s is late. I blame gluten. Sh!tty stuff.