Love Thy Self


“Love Thy Self.”

I can’t count the number of times this phrase has bounced through my head over the past eighteen months. Despite this, I seem to have selective amnesia about it – forgetting this phrase, forgetting to use it, forgetting to practice it.

When I truly love my self, I feel unstoppable. I succeed everywhere I turn, and I bring my “A Game” to everything, effortlessly. When I stop loving my self, I find myself plagued by doubts, fears, and insecurities. The proverbial wheels start to wobble and fall off the wagon.

“Love Thy Self” is the single most important philosophy I live by, and I actually believe it is the key to unlocking many chronic illnesses, overcoming challenging circumstances, and easing the suffering we all carry through life.

My theory is this: If we don’t love our self, we can neither appreciate the abundance we already enjoy, nor can we offer our truest, most honest and deep love to others. We can’t be fully of service in this world unless we are first of service to ourselves – our soul; our spirit; our physical, mental and emotional bodies; our SELF.

By nourishing and nurturing our self with love, care, and deep acceptance – exactly as we are – we can then shine our brightest light forth into our family, our workplace, our community, our world.

So if I feel so strongly about this notion of self love, why do I have selective amnesia? Why can’t I simply DO IT and reap the benefits?

Because it’s hard to build a habit that goes directly against what our ego wants to do – which is keep us small, keep us safe, keep us in our existing old habits of listening to the negative voices in our heads.

Because when we’re up for big things in the world, we constantly push against – and expand – our limits, and this throws us well out of our comfort zones.

Because, at a very basic physiological level, we are wired to fight or flee, and this idea of loving our self runs counter to our wiring.

But here’s the thing: we CAN change our habits. We CAN alter our behaviours. We CAN overcome the lizard brain.

It takes time, consistent effort, and compassion.

Compassion? Yes. For when we fail. (And we will.) We need to be compassionate with ourselves that we failed with our efforts to build a new habit. And then we need to try again.

I humbly request that you begin to LOVE THY SELF. Start today. Nurture your spirit. Nourish the parts of you that need love and care.


Because I love you, even if we’ve never met.

Because you’re amazing in so many ways that you can’t even recognise yet.

Because the world both needs and deserves what you’re capable of when you’re at your best.

Because it’s a habit that will serve you – and everyone who comes into contact with you – for life.

Because you ARE lovable, and by treating the word love as a verb instead of a noun, your world will open up wider than you ever dreamed.

With LOVE,
Israel. xo