Listen to your body.


“Listen to your body.”

As I write this, my head is thumping, my vision is getting flickery, and I’m on the way South with a migraine.

It’s the first one I’ve had in months. I can feel it coming, though, like the heaviness in the air that precedes a whomping thunderstorm.

I suspect it has something to do with the number of hours I’ve spent staring at screens in the past week or so, coupled with the extraordinary workload I have on my list before I depart for my brother’s wedding this weekend.

Either way, I’m finishing up early to go to bed. I’m taking my own advice, and listening to my body. Clearly, I need to rest.

What is your body telling you? Are you listening, or are you pushing through on a cocktail of painkillers, coffee, and sugar?

Take a break. Nothing is so important that you can’t stop for a while and rest. Nothing.

I love you all. See you tomorrow.

With love,
Israel. xo

PS Just in case it isn’t abundantly clear from the above, I am utterly grateful for this migraine, ridiculous as that sounds. I am grateful for the lesson that I need to mind my health even more than I already am, and I need to take an earlier night once in a while. I’m grateful for the … um… excuse? to take an early night. Seeya. zzzz

PPS Simply LOVE this shot of Bondi. Had to share it, despite it having little to do with today’s quote. Just love it. That’s all. Promise. xo