September 20, 2013


“Life’s too short to do stuff you don’t enjoy.” – Israel Smith

It’s entirely possible that I’ve used this quote before. I haven’t, however, used this image. Because I shot it, around lunchtime, looking up into the sky from my backyard, on my 36th birthday – the day I sit here writing this.

I missed getting you all an IQ this morning – yesterday, by the time you read this… (time-warping is doing my head in) – and I’m very sorry.

I am not, however, sorry about spending the whole day with my wife and kids, and I’m not sorry that I didn’t do any work at all during the day of my birthday.

Today’s quote is very important to me. It is my mantra around work and life – if I don’t enjoy doing it, I aim to eliminate it from my life. If we spend roughly one third of our adult life at work, and we don’t enjoy it, WHY ARE WE DOING IT?

I have never really enjoyed working on my birthday. So earlier this year, when it was my daughter’s birthday, I put a new rule in place.

No work, school, study, or anything like that on our birthday. The whole family can stay home and relax if we want. Life’s too short NOT to do something like this!

Qualifier: I drove home from our road trip through an extra 1.5 hours of peak-hour traffic from Canberra to Sydney last night. I had no intention of sitting at a computer then. This morning, it was my birthday, so I chose to hang with the family and read my new book (gift) instead of getting onto a screen. It might sound like I skipped out on creating you an IQ this morning because I “don’t enjoy” it – as per today’s quote – HOWEVER, that’s not true. I love writing and creating these for you all.

I simply made a different choice, and honoured that choice because it was my birthday.

Back to regular programming from today / tomorrow / something.

I love youse all, youse all are grouse :)

With love,
Israel. xo


P.S. My wife made the most CRACKER birthday cake – red kidney bean chocolate cake, with banana avocado chocolate mousse. Raw cacao powder for the chocolate flavouring of both parts. And frozen berries on top. Uh-May-Zing. *drool* Thankyou honey :) xo


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