Life will work


“Life will work its magic if you let go of fear and live your life as an exclamation and not as an explanation.” – Sandra Cabot

Hurrah! We sold our apartment! The saga has found its conclusion, and the adventure around Australia can truly begin because in 4 weeks we’ll have the cashflow we need to buy a bus, convert it, etc.

Today’s quote really hit home as soon as my wife showed it to me. It’s from a wonderful book Bel is reading, called “Help for Depression and Anxiety” by Dr Sandra Cabot.

Yesterday, life did work its magic. The fear had been creeping in something fierce, but we were able to keep it at bay, live as an exclamation, and we were rewarded.

The champagne was delicious, too. ;)

Have a brilliant day, wherever you are in the world!

With love,
Israel. xo