Don’t work too hard.

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“Don’t work too hard.”

Yesterday afternoon I found myself saying exactly this to the lady serving me at the Thai restaurant I picked up our dinner from. Walking back to the car, it struck me how long I’ve been saying that to others, yet at the same time, how often I have been forgetting to take my own advice.

I’ve come to understand that the Universe / God / Our Spirit / whatever keeps sending us the same lessons until we LEARN them. My lesson that I need to finally LEARN and STICK TO is to not overdo it, and to constantly nurture myself. To get enough sleep, to put my own well-being FIRST so I can give my gifts to the world in a sustainable manner, not in a tired, scrappy or resentful manner.

I am writing this at 4am, after getting up at 1:40am for a conference call with a software company in the USA, about some software for my business. If I hadn’t made this call, no-one would die, nothing would break, and nothing terrible would have happened with our business apart from some small delays.

In making this call, I’ve sacrificed LOTS of sleep, and have set myself up to be tired and possibly grumpy, on what will end up being a massive client appointment day. Hmmm.

I had already committed to the call by the time I left that Thai restaurant yesterday, but I tell you, I had a very reflective drive home, thinking about the implications of working too hard, on myself, my wife, and my children.

I’m going to start taking my own advice.

With love,
Israel. xo