Running with the boys at Coogee Beach!

The fun loving family live close to Coogee Beach, and as you will see the boys just love running around there.

James did a fabulous job capturing the different personalities of the boys, and their relationship with mum and dad. And they do love to run which made the shoot loads of fun with plenty of great action shots. In her design consult, mum Anat told us she wanted casual not posed portraits of the family and we share some of these with you here. Enjoy!

I love these 2 action shots. I love how in the first one the boys are almost in identical running positions with the same beaming expression on their faces. And in the second, how they are clearly having a chat together as they are running.

This shot shows a different, more tender side to the relationship of these brothers. Very sweet!

This matching set of shots of mum with her boys, and dad with his sons is gold. Love the closeness that shows through.

2 thoughts on “Running with the boys at Coogee Beach!”

  1. When I told the family I booked a potrait shoot for us, I got big sighs all around. But on the day, almost instantly as James arrived, he engaged the boys so well they completely forgot they were in a photo shoot. In fact james made all of us feel so comfortable and even natural walking and talking in front of the camera that all the laughs and giggles caught in the photos are absolutely real!!! this resulted in the amazing and refreshing photos that you see.

    The photos from our shoot are incredible! They exceed any expectations I had! and are absolutely reflective of who we are as a family!.

    I don’t know how they did it! but Israel Smith Photographers did perfectly!

    Thank you James and everyone at Israel Smith Photographers for capturing the essence of my family, and for giving us such a wonderful experience all round.

    Anat Mattes

  2. Hi Anat,

    Thankyou for your wonderful feedback on James and our studio! We’re thrilled with how much you love your portraits and can’t wait to see you and your family again in a few years when the boys are even bigger!

    Thanks again,
    Israel. :)

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