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Home is where

“Home is where the heart is.” The one person missing from this portrait is my beautiful wife, who was so excited to see me that she nearly vaulted the barrier at the airport arrivals chute, to sprint up and give

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The mind is fed

“The mind is fed by what it receives, the heart is fed by what it gives.” – Victor Hugo So, my friends, go forth and GIVE. Your heart will love you for it. With love, Israel. xo  

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Leave your heart on stage.

“Leave your heart on stage.” – Srinivas Rao I met Srini in Fargo at Misfit Conference. He was a speaker there, as well as an attendee, and has become a great friend of mine. Srini is a mad-keen surfer –

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Your heart is full

Yes, indeed. My heart is VERY full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout. I learned this a long time ago at a personal development course called The Landmark Forum. Life went from good to great. I created new possibilities in

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