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Big Fan Of Being A Dad

There was so much excitement (ok and a little rush rush) in our house this morning. Indrani’s school was having a Father’s Day BBQ Breakfast, so Indrani & Israel had to be out of the house by 7.15am. For me,

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Portraits of Me and My Dad!

This post is as much an exercise of me getting over myself as it is of sharing some beautiful Portraits of Me and My Dad. During School Holidays, we took an overdue drive out to my Dad’s farm, and stayed

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There’s Many Ways To Say Dad.

There are many ways to say Dad. Father, Dad, Daddy, Pa, Papa, Baba, Bapa etc. In our house, there’s also Dadio, Oompapa and when the kids are being cheeky, they even say Israel knowing that Israel will of course correct

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