Children’s Portraits With Mum Are Extra Special


I’m a very family-oriented guy, and I always encourage my clients to have portraits of their entire family, instead of just children’s portraits. It is usually one of the first conversations I have with prospective Mum’s when talking about their portrait session.

In this case, however, Jeni was determined to get the portrait shoot done of her and her son Henri, mostly because she wanted to capture the special relationship she shares with Henri. Her husband was unable to make the shoot for work reasons, so I agreed to shoot Jeni and Henri together.

Initially we were talking about going down to the beach, but Jeni soon realised that what she really wanted was to celebrate the home they’d just bought. We opted for some lifestyle children’s portraits and Mother+Child portraits at home, in their cute, sunny backyard.

Well, we got to the backyard eventually. Henri was having too much fun on one of his bikes at the start of the shoot:


The beautiful thing about capturing Henri’s children’s portraits was how relaxed the session was. Henri and Jeni simply played together in their back courtyard for about 40 minutes while I wandered around creating portraits. The light was magnificent, and the colours were really strong and vibrant as a result of the lovely sunlight pouring into the yard.


I love the introspection of this image – Henri is so completely absorbed in what he’s doing, that I’m not getting any look, smile, or expression other than his concentration. I also love how Jeni is smiling as she looks on in the background of the shot. I also love the gold coloured baby-Chuck Taylors…







And to finish, this image is one of my favourite moments between mother and child. The intimacy, the fun, and the laughter are all so rich and so valuable. It makes me so happy to capture shots like this.



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