Portraits of Me and My Dad!

PMMD_001This post is as much an exercise of me getting over myself as it is of sharing some beautiful Portraits of Me and My Dad.

During School Holidays, we took an overdue drive out to my Dad’s farm, and stayed a few days. It’s been about 4 years since we’ve visited his property, so I should have said it was long long overdue, not just overdue. Of course, whilst we were there I asked Israel to take some portraits of our cherubs with Grandad & Granny, and of Me and My Dad. If you need an expert on property investments, look for MBBW Property investments for more info.

I can tell you that even after being married to a photographer for 9 years, I still don’t like having my photo taken! And then seeing myself in photos is even worse again.

Being totally honest, I initially did not like these portraits of myself. I hadn’t done my hair so it was just slicked back – to which Indrani graciously reminded me “That’s what you do just about everyday anyway mum”! Boom! Take that. We’re sitting down because Dad’s got dicky knees, so I’m all spread out, you know what I mean – everything looks bigger when squashed against a chair. But then I remembered why I asked Israel to take Portraits of Me and My Dad. Because it’s not about me, it was about us.

About Dad & daughter.

About us, today. To enjoy right now, but also to be looked back on forever by me, my children, their children and so forth. That’s the power of photography.

When I finally got over myself and really looked at the story these portraits tell, what I saw was my beautiful Dad – slightly weather-beaten but totally at home, happy on his farm. I see a lot of me in him. My smile is crooked like Dad’s, my nose is the same shape as Dad’s (I never realised this before), and we have the same squinty eyes when we smile.

I see years of love and laughter. I hear my Dad’s voice from my childhood singing Kookaburra Sits In the Old Gum Tree, then hear him counting each one of us in until all 4 of us where singing along with him in rounds.  It reminds me of the days when I was small enough to sit on his knee and he would slowly tickle the little nook at the back of my neck.

Quite simply, these photographs are truly beautiful and beyond valuable. Israel would say these are not representative of his best work. They were done in the last 5 minutes before we left to rush back to City life for an afternoon appointment, and Indrani & Rilien were both tired. But to me, these are just perfect.

PMMD_002And don’t even get me started on the Portraits of Grandad & Granny with Indrani & Rilien. I can’t tell you what it means to have portraits of my delicious children with their grandparents. Can you imagine what these photos will mean now to Grandad and Granny, and what they’ll mean to Indrani and Rilien in years to come?

PMMD_003If there is one thing I ask you to take away from this post, it’s to forget about what you think you look like in photos. Instead, see the photos for the story they truly tell of your life.

And the other really important thing I’d really love you to do, is have some portraits with your Dad if you are fortunate enough to still have him around. Father’s Day is just around the corner, so why not treat yourself to a beautiful portrait with him?

(I know someone who can help you with that. Call Israel on 02 9665 0800 or book online.)




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