Has Digital Really Killed Family Portraits?

01439_001Has Digital Really Killed Family Portraits?

Yesterday Sydney Morning Herald reported that ” The iconic PixiFoto family portrait business is closing its doors after its parent company was put into administration with more than 300 people to lose their jobs.” And if you believe what the Administrator for PixiFoto’s parent company is saying – ‘People just don’t want to go and get their photos taken because they can… produce a reasonable photo themselves.’’, you may well believe that Digital Has Killed Family Portraits.

There is no denying that today’s camera (& phone) technology means that most people can take a reasonable photo themselves. But we certainly do not believe this means people don’t want to have their portraits taken anymore. Sure you can have lots of beautiful images, probably mostly of the children and sometimes with either mum or dad in them too. But have you ever tried to capture your whole family naturally with you included in the portrait? It’s pretty hard to get a brilliant portrait that tells the story of your family.

Family portraits are far more than just about standing in front of a camera and posing to have a photo taken.

Family portraits are about relationship, emotion and connection. On all levels. Not just within the family but with your Family Portrait Photographer, and your photography studio too.

A professional Family Portrait Photographer has a gift of being able to create an environment which encourages a family to let their guard down and be at ease. To be themselves. To let their real family shine through. A professional Family Portrait Photographer creates a truly beautiful family portrait that will tell the following stories:

– the relationships that exist within the family unit;
– the dynamics and interaction between the different members of the family;
– the personalities of each family member;
– what stage the people are at in their life;
– and how they spend their time together (usually the location where they choose to have their shoot done).

All of this starts with the relationship with your Photography Studio even before a your shoot takes place. It’s about the total experience of choosing to have your family’s story told through Professional Family Portraits. It’s about working with your family to understand what’s important to you, how you spend their your time together, how you’d like to use your family portraits (eg. to decorate your home, in an keepsake album, as gifts etc).  This all happens before Israel even gets behind the camera. Then there is the whole experience of sharing your portraits with you after your shoot, and finally how your order is presented when it’s ready. It doesn’t stop there because we always like to keep in contact with you too, even just to say hi, how are you all going or Happy Birthday.

At Israel Smith, we pride ourselves on the relationship we build with our families. It is not uncommon for Israel to get hugs from the children involved in the shoot, and sometimes even from mum too. It’s also not uncommon for families to stop and talk to our own family on the weekend when we are at the beach. And only last week, one of our lovely clients of 6 years ago even stopped by the studio for a cup of tea and a chat.

Israel Getting Squishy Hugs After Shoot
There is so much more to Family Portraits than being able to take a reasonable photo.

This is why we believe Digital Has Not Killed Family Portraits. 

What do you think?

And if you want to celebrate and honour your family through unique, timeless images that evoke stories of lives lived and love shared together, then Israel Smith is the photographer for you. Call Israel or Dorothy on 02 9665 0800 or book online.


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