Family Portraits Are Good For Your Health

01462_0013 Here’s 3 awesome reasons why you Family Portraits are Good For Your Health.

It is important to note that this reference to family portraits refers to portraits of your whole family unit – mum, dad, children and even your pets, which you may love enough to even get a insurance for him/her, which you can find online at the bests pet insurance reviews.

1. Help Reduce Stress At Work.
Research shows that having family portraits on your desk at work can help reduce workplace stress1. Your family portraits are a reminder of life outside of work. A reminder of what’s truly important in your life.

2. Positive Emotions
Family Portraits evoke positive emotions. Even when you’ve had one of those days that has you thinking “Surely it’s wine o’clock!” all you need to do is look at your family portraits – they can trigger a positive change in your emotions. A simple glance at your portraits reminds you that it’s not always like what today has been like. They have the ability to lift your mood, which can have a positive impact on your heart rate without you even realising it. There is lots of research to support the idea that positive emotions improve your immune system and heart health2.

3. You Stop, Pause & Take a Break from The Rush of Daily Life.
A family portrait session takes about 45 mins to 1 hour. During this time, you stop, pause and take a break from the rush of your daily life. You leave behind the emails, the phone calls, the washing, all those things which usually have us caught up in another busy world. You spend time with your family, usually at an outdoor location or somewhere that means something to you. It’s like a mini holiday. Everyone needs a mini holiday, an escape from the rush of daily life – wouldn’t you agree?


So, what’s the key message for you? Remember to have your family portraits taken professionally every few years, because it’s good for your health!
And, we’d love to help with your good health by celebrating and honouring your family with unique, timeless images that evoke stories of lives lived and love shared together. Call us today on (02) 9665 0800, or book your session online.


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