With any luck. 


With any luck I’ll get that promotion. With any luck I’ll become fit and happy. With any luck I’ll experience the life of my dreams. 

There really isn’t luck. Stuff happens or it doesn’t. You are ready and willing and able to make it happen, or you aren’t. 

We are the architects of both our own imprisonments and our own freedoms. 

It’s a tough gig to recognise and accept that ultimate responsibility for everything rests with ourselves. But once we take that responsibility and own it, life becomes simple. 

Note: “simple” and “easy” are two very different and unrelated things. 

I want a simple life. For the most part I have achieved a simple life. 

Is it easy? Hells no. 

Simple means I decide how my time is spent on any given day. Simple means I own all my possessions with no debt. Simple means I choose how, when and where I work, and I even choose what I earn from that work. 


That kind of simplicity and freedom is not easy to accept, achieve, or maintain. 

My income doesn’t arrive in a predictable manner each week or month. My home is not in the same place every week, meaning my roots have to be of a kind not related to geography. My routine is largely set by myself rather than by when I must start or stop working at a job for someone else. 

Here’s my observation: 

In our pursuit of an easy life, we have made our lives too complicated.  

Better if we pursued a simple life, free from complications. Then we would have the space and time to consider how we really want to spend our minutes, hours, and days. 

With any luck I’ll have a simple life. 


With conscious choice, accepting responsibility, and taking action… you can have anything you can dream of.