January 1, 2016


With barely any embarrassment I am once again embarking on a daily blogging adventure. I have committed to myself to write for at least 10 minutes daily in an attempt to rejuvenate my atrophied writing muscles. I shall share something (hopefully useful) here, each day. 

Each day is a new opportunity to be creative, I have resolved – in both a very “New Years Resolution” kind of way, and also in a very “Today is the first day of the rest of my life” kind of way. 

Many colleagues and people I admire choose words they use as guiding principles or ideals for the year. They are an ever-present compass with which to measure success or, more importantly, impact in a given moment. 

This year I choose the word CREATE.


It is a word imbued with power: a sense of possibilities not yet uncovered; a sense that at any moment something new will germinate and become real. 

I am choosing this word because I wish 2016 to be my most creative year ever. 

I will write and release a book and an album of music, as well as produce a solo exhibition’s worth of new visual art in a medium I’m not familiar with. 
Further, I will start laying the foundations for a new literary fantasy universe with my daughter, as a collaborative project.

But CREATE also means that I choose to create my day, every day, and I choose to create my life. 

I am not a passenger stuck in the traffic jam of mediocrity and average. 

I am the vital and vibrant creative director of my life, forging new paths through untrodden terrain and across uncharted oceans. 

Happy New Year / Happy New Life. 


With love & wellness,
Israel. xo

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