What are you willing to fight for?


“What are you willing to fight for?”

Back in Fargo at MisfitCon, I was listening to a speech by David Baeza. David is, among other things, a crossfit junkie, a really smart guy, a marketer, and a technology entrepreneur. He lives in wine country in California with his wife and daughters, and at one point during his speech, he showed a photograph of his backyard – a stunning, foggy vista of vineyards and mountain ranges – and said, “This is what I fight for.”

That comment resonated with me SO DEEPLY, and made me think really hard.

Life doesn’t give us what we want automatically. We need to know what we want, firstly. Then we need to ask for it. And finally, as our resolve is tested, we need to fight for it. We need to take a stand, put up a battle, and fight to get what we want in life.

Your “thing” may be a girl, a boy, a job, a house, a car, a holiday, a record deal, a prosthetic limb, a good nights’ sleep. I have no idea what you fight for.

That doesn’t matter. The question is this:

What are you willing to fight for?

What do you want so badly, that you will be willing to work for, fight for, direct all of your energy towards, and ultimately – through blood, sweat and tears – achieve?

Do you even know?

Let me know. Drop in a comment or email me – I’d love to hear what you’re willing to fight for. :)

With love,
Israel. xo