Whatever good things we build


“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn

I’ve been taking a visual trip back to Fargo with the last couple of IQ’s. It really was a life-changing experience. I learned so much, met so many fabulous people, and have altered the path of my life as a direct result of the trip.

One of my key takeaways was the concept of a “body of work” – something I’ve written about before, but something I “get” on a deeper level each time I talk about it. The short version is that instead of trying to discover our “purpose”, we ought to simply get on with producing a fantastic body of work that we are proud of.

I delivered my “Life of Your Dreams” seminar yesterday morning to a receptive, warm group of photographers and artists. The broad themes are that depression is real and can be treated successfully, and that our lives have been upside-down for too long – we have prioritised money, work, and possessions, instead of family, love, and wellness.

In part of my presentation I discuss my own personal theory of “enough”. That, in times of stress, overwhelm or depression, we should focus our energies on “enough” – do enough work, to earn enough money, so that we can enjoy enough family time and personal time, and allow our bodies and minds to heal. It’s what got me through my own depression two years ago.

Once the idea of “enough” has been mastered, I encourage my guests to start to think bigger. I talk about serving others and providing value, expressing our art at a deeper level, and creating the body of work that we are here to create.

In the moment yesterday, discussing the “body of work” idea, something new clicked into place for me: The idea of trying to discover our “purpose” is yet another way of putting our happiness “out there”, external to ourselves.

It goes something like: “Once I find my purpose, I’ll be happy/rich/successful/fulfilled/etc”….


That’s a hoax, just like the other hoax we so often live by: “Once I lose twenty pounds/get that promotion/earn seven figures/buy this car/etc… I’ll be happy!”

Happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction are not “out there”, external to us. Happiness is “in here” – it is internal to ourselves, and it shows up when we are truly being ourselves, expressing our art, and in flow with the universe. Until yesterday, that depth of understanding hadn’t clicked for me.

Which brings me to today’s quote: “Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

My seminar yesterday gave me a new, deeper insight to a concept I now live by. The act of building a presentation and delivering it, has built a stronger, deeper foundation for my own belief system.

May I humbly suggest that you give some thought to the body of work YOU are here to create. What art are you capable of? What great achievements can you build?

I know one thing for sure: Whether your art is for yourself or for others, I guarantee you’ll get something huge out of the experience.

So get cracking, and start building!

With love, and steel-cap boots,
Israel. xo