Trees that are slow to grow


“The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” – Moliere

There are occasionally moments in my life where I get impatient. Why can’t I leave to travel Australia already? Why haven’t I mastered online business yet? When will I be able to do Upwards-Facing Dog properly in yoga?

And so on. I’m sure you have similar moments of impatience.

Then I think about the concept of slow, sustainable growth. And I consider that the enormous Moreton Bay Fig trees I see in Centennial Park have been slowly growing and developing over a hundred years or more. They didn’t suddenly erupt out of the ground into the gnarled, twisted, sculptural masterpieces they are today. They took their time, establishing a solid root system as their foundation, before gradually reaching ever up and out from their base.

Only when they are in their twilight years do the trees begin to express the pinnacle of their seed’s initial vision. 

So it is in our lives. Being impatient, comparing ourselves to others, being ungrateful – these are the fast-lane to Miseryville.

Today’s quote gives me perspective. When life feels like it is simultaneously moving too fast and not fast enough, I try to breathe slowly and with purpose. I consider that the timeline of any worthwhile project is measured usually in years or decades – not days or weeks.

A meaningful work of art can only be produced once the artist has grown and developed their skills and vision over a period of many years.

This quote reminds me to be patient. Or, as my man Kanye would say: “Drive slow, homie.

With love, and hip-hop,
Israel. xo