September 5, 2014


“Touch one heart, touch one soul.
I know it’s cliché, but it’s seriously gold.” 
– Steve Pajor

Today’s IQ comes from a mate of mine – Steve Pajor. An artist, a surfer, a father, a friend. The painting in the background was also done by Steve, and hangs on my living room wall.

Steve and I bumped into each other yesterday at Coogee, literally looking out at the view of the surf club shown in the painting, and started chatting. He has been having an “interesting” time of late, and was struck with inspiration to write a poem that morning.

It started pouring, so Steve and I jumped in the back of his van, and he read me his poem. I LOVED it, so I’ve included it here for you to read and enjoy.

With love,
Israel. xo


A Shoebox Called Sydney
by Steve Pajor

Hey you, in your Lexus, stop beeping at me!
I’m only trying to do a delivery.
I know you’re in a hurry to make a dollar.
Just wait three seconds – there’s no need to holler!
Look, I know you’re in a rush to make a quid,
to invest in some more property, to make a bid.
There’s bills to be paid. There’s your Filipino maid.
There’s Botox, new shoes, there’s your hair that has greyed.

It’s a stress – an essential – to acquire the next thing:
Bigger TV, bigger car, bigger blood-diamond ring.
Too busy! Gotta go! Can’t talk! In a rush!
Too busy at work! Gotta make me some cash!
Parking meter, speeding fines, rule after rule…
Don’t you remember when skateboarding was cool?
Of course I’m mad. Of course I’m sad.
I now have a daughter who’s part of this fad!

Don’t you remember the innocence of when you were a child?
Fresh air, the breeze, and your hair running wild.

Look, it’s not really that bad – it’s really quite good –
If you like breathing fumes and eating processed food.
There’s a Maccas every suburb, a pub every block
With sluts in each one who just love to suck cock.
Surviving progress.
Surviving grotesque.

Get off your iPad, get off your iPhone.
Look around and say “Hi!” to the stranger alone.
Have the will to remember the person you are –
Not a robot, a victim to your computer!
Touch one heart, touch one soul.
I know it’s cliché, but it’s seriously gold.
Smell the roses, make someone laugh,
Take time to think, relax in a bath.

I mean, it hasn’t been proven, it’s not officially a success,
This modern day life. Personally, I think it’s a mess.
They say life is short, though it’s the longest thing you’ll do.
So now’s the time to think: What’s right for you?
Look, I know there are positives, it’s just me and the city.
Yeah I’m talkin’ ‘bout you – see ya later, big Sydney.


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