Do all things with love.


“Do all things with love.” – Og Mandino

Self-love has been the saving grace of my mental health, my family, and my work.

Loving oneself isn’t about going all weird and giving yourself cuddles in the corner of the room, nor is it about being selfish at the complete and utter expense of others.

Instead, my self-love is about making sure I take some time every day just for me. Every day, I either meditate, surf, do some yoga, breathe deeply, go or a run, or simply stand barefoot in the grass and feel the sunlight on my face.

That time is sacred to me, and it represents, in a small but tangible way, the sense of honouring myself for all that I am, and all that I bring to the world.

It’s a very simple practice to begin, and one that I believe is essential for everyone.

There have been several unexpected side-effects as a result of loving myself more:

  • I make a much more conscious effort to sleep well, early enough, and long enough.
  • I am a better husband and father.
  • I make much better food choices, because I want to honour myself by eating well.
  • I have lost weight and feel healthier as a result of all the extra exercise, sleep, and good eating.
  • I now notice many more beautiful moments in my day.
  • I feel so grateful and so abundant in my life, it’s remarkable.
  • I now find it easy and natural to put love into everything I do – my work, my social time, my relationships, everything.
  • I am producing some of my best photography in ages, and my clients are loving it.

Not a bad array of side-effects, given all it takes is to make time for me.

And so we come to today’s quote: “Do all things with love.”

This is an awesome and worthy objective, but in my experience, if you start by loving yourself first, it happens automatically.

What’s your self-love ritual or practice? I’d love to hear.

With love,
Israel. xo