Things Change.


“Things change.”

This is a portrait of Roxy, my 2012 VW Multivan. I love her.

loved her. She was my 35th birthday present, a necessary upgrade from the slightly dodgy 1996 Econovan that was on its last legs.

Now, to make way for our new X-Trail, our Mercedes coach, and our new adventure, I must say farewell to Roxy.

She is currently for sale. Read the full story, and feel free to buy her if you like what you see. She has been well loved, and if you are the right match, she will serve you well.

The bottom line? I bought her thinking it was forever. Then we concocted the idea of travelling the country for 18 months, and leaving Sydney. Then we slowly realised that we must part company with our beloved “Spotto”. (“Spotto” is a car-spotting game. We played it with anything made by Volkswagen. We yelled “Spotto” a LOT for the first few months of our vehicle. Rilien still refers to any VW as a “Spotto”.)

(Beware. I just lost several minutes in an Urban-Dictionary time-warp. “Gronk” was especially funny. You have been warned.)

So here’s the lesson. THINGS CHANGE.

Not too profound, right? But especially poignant given the imminent “conscious de-coupling” between me and my VW. (OK, that sounds a bit weird, but you get the idea…)

Also, in other news, my son is rallying MAGNIFICENTLY and is now commando-crawling around with his plaster casts on. Kids are f*cking amazing. Just saying.

With lots of light-hearted love and peace,
Israel. xo