The true purpose of education


“The true purpose of education is to teach a man to carry himself triumphant to the sunset.” – Liberty Hyde Bailey

This image was taken on the second-ever Eastern Beaches Photo Walk. The sunset was absolutely glorious, and everything I had hoped for, given the location we were enjoying at Little Bay.

I found the quote to be quite apt as well, since the whole purpose of the photo walk is to share my own knowledge and love of photography with others – educating them in a way, so they may enjoy their photography and take that skill with them.

I think one of our best opportunities in life is to continually learn new things. It gives us a richer palette of experiences to draw upon, and gives us the confidence of a life well-lived, when our own sunset approaches.

If you’re interested in the next Photo Walk (and happen to be able to get to Sydney for it!) jump over here and sign up. In the meantime, keep learning! Add to your palette, and carry yourself ever triumphant through your own life!

With love,