Take the leap!


“Take the leap!”

Not literally, like, off the depicted rocks, or anything. Just so we’re clear. I’m talking figuratively here, my friends.

Take the leap.

Into a new career. Out of your comfort zone. Into a fresh mindset. Out of bad habits.

Into (in my case) a completely different software system designed to consolidate about four other systems seamlessly without clunking too much, or, preferably, at all.

(If today’s IQ email delivery “clunks”, please accept my humble apologies. But you’ve gotta leap sometime, right?)

You’ve gotta leap sometime.

Grab yourself by the hand, clench your buttocks, lean in, and LEAP.

You’ll be fine, I promise. :)

With love,
Israel. xo

PS Seriously, though. DON’T jump off anything higher than about 10cm (4in). Unless you’re trained. And certainly NOT off any cliffs/rocks/buildings/etc. </disclaimer>

PPS Seriously, though. If this new email system clunks, would you please tell me about it? Thanks. Email israel@israelsmith.com. Cheers & high-fives.