Successful people


“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” – Brian Tracy

SO MUCH to share with you about this IQ.

I have just finished an in-depth conversation with my amazing wife about money, fear, habits, and a whole plethora of tangents contained therein. Interestingly, most of the things we discussed come back to habits – or a lack thereof.

Gratitude journalling. Habit. Financial budgeting/management. Habit. Marketing. Habit. Exercise and self-love. Habit. Meditation and/or yoga. Habit. Writing and publishing an IQ daily. Habit. Eating three times a day. Habit. You get the idea.

One of my favourite internet man-crushes is in the form of Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. No coincidence then, that his whole freaking site is based around HABITS. (Here’s a great post of his from recent weeks.)

I chose this image because it is symbolic of the process. Each narrow vertical post in the fence-line is like a small habit change. Each heavy wooden post is like a major habit shift, or a breakthrough in thinking and awareness. Together, over time, they form the fence or boundary of our desired behaviours, to keep our otherwise wayward and rambling consciousness in check.

Also, I chose this image because I shot it on one of my recent walk/run/exercise things down the road from my place. It’s a stretch of coastline that I have done SO MANY running sessions, that I know it really well and love it to pieces. I can’t help but feel excited about being outdoors when I look at this shot. Regular outdoor exercise is one of my desired habits.

Lastly, this quote is by super duper sales and motivational guy Brian Tracy. I love this cat’s work, and I plan to revisit it once more now I’ve chanced upon his name again.

I’d like to start so many habits in my life. This year is the year of Habits / Light / Flow … and it’s almost a quarter over. (eek!)

So here’s an invitation:

Are you interested in starting some new habits? If so, would you like to connect with me and work on some kind of mutual accountability basis?

I’m thinking about setting up some sort of forum / group / something NOT on Facebook where we can all hang out, be accountable, share successes, share failures, etc.

Drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you about what habits you’re interested in starting and succeeding with, and I’d love to hear what thoughts you have (if any) about how you might like the accountability system to work.

With LOTS of love and gratitude for you,
Israel. xo

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