The strongest bars


“The strongest bars that hold us back are our own perceptions.”

For those of you who are Facebook friends, or follow my work on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll recognise this. Sorry for the duplication, I simply couldn’t resist posting this when I shot it earlier today.

The words came to me, like some cosmic radio transmission directly into my consciousness, as I stood and looked through these reinforced steel bars near Wiley’s Baths Coogee.

Consider that we are all, to some extent, architects of our own imprisonment. Our thoughts, words, actions, all shape the world we inhabit – and a fair percentage of that world is simply in our own heads.

Knowing that, ask yourself: What perceptions do you hold about the world around you? What perceptions could you change? When would you like to change them?

And then commit, and change your perceptions. Architect your way out of your own imprisonment, if you dare ;)

With much love, gratitude, and strength,
Israel. xo