July 26, 2013


“Stand up and face your fears or they will defeat you.” – LL Cool J

So there once was this guy who got irrationally freaked out by certain aspects of his business. It caused him no end of trouble, and was the single biggest factor playing a role in whether or not his business was successful. The hardest part that freaked him out? Marketing. The bit that actually helped him get new customers.

Then, one night, it all got too much. After setting objectives for the day around marketing, and failing to achieve any of them, he got grumpy at the kids, argued with his wife, and felt like a catastrophic failure. He retreated to the office to build an email campaign for something completely unrelated, and gradually calmed down and lost the grumps.

But he still felt like he wasn’t going to win at marketing.

Until his wife came in to the office – a few hours later – and offered to simply sit with him later that night, and just listen so he could pour out his heart about everything that was bothering him. The plan, you see, was to get him to realise that he has the answers already, and his irrational fear is exactly that – irrational.

That night is tonight. That guy is me. I’ll let you know how it goes, when I pour out my heart to Belinda.

With love,
Israel. xo



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