Smile More.

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“Smile more.”

Really? Yeah, actually.

Smiling releases endorphins (probably), takes less energy than frowning (definitely), makes you feel better, makes everyone else feel better (even if they think you’re a bit weird), and makes all your tasks lighter, easier, and more fun.

Next time you’re sitting at your desk, feeling stressed or intensely busy, notice if you’re frowning or smiling. Chances are, you’ll be neutral at best, and at worst, frowning deeply while you concentrate.

Now try smiling so broadly you feel like a fool, and watch yourself almost giggle with the ridiculousness of it all. Then keep the big, broad, ridiculous smile on your face as you turn back to your work. Notice how much easier and more pleasant it is!

That’ll do for today. Simply smile more.

I love you all.

With LOTS of smiley love,
Israel. xo