Take something old, reimagine how it could be as something new.

An idea. A marketing campaign. A story. An outfit. A building.

Simple, right?

Yeah, except it takes courage. It takes vision. It takes mastery of the craft you need.

This photo is from the interior of the old GPO Building in the centre of Sydney’s CBD – No. 1 Martin Place, the Westin Hotel.

It is an absolutely EXQUISITE building, that has been re-imagined from its original beginnings, into a new centre for restaurants, bars, shopping, and a fully-featured hotel including function rooms and an enormous ballroom.

What I love the most is how the old sandstone architecture has been melded together with new finishes and modern touches. It demonstrates utter mastery of building, architecture and design. I love the space.

What could you reimagine in your life? 

With love,
Israel. xo