August 4, 2014


“Put yourself first.”

This isn’t being selfish. Instead, it’s knowing when you need to focus inward rather than outward. Making your own nourishment, success and health your number one priority, instead of everyone else’s nourishment, success and health.

I needed some beach time today, so instead of waking up and firing up the computer, I took Bel’s advice and got out to Maroubra with my trusty 6’3″ fish (pictured) for a wave or two. It was fabulous. Freezing cold, but fabulous. (At least now I can feel my fingers again.)

So please know when to focus inward. If you don’t know, ask a close friend, or your partner. (They often know you better than you know yourself.)

Sometimes, it’s actually essential to put yourself first.

With love,
Israel. xo


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