Living at risk
The only magic is love
Speak when you are angry
Today I Lived.
Question everything.
Do all things with love.
Genius is One Percent
Love is a fruit in season
Advice is just experience
All the art of living lies
When the levee breaks
Use what talents you possess
Making money is fairly easy.
Listen to your body.
I mean, I’m happy
Laziness may appear attractive
A thing of beauty
The mind is fed
A man can fail many times
Our souls need time
The key isn’t to priotize
Doubt is a pain too lonely
Stand strong
Expect anything worthwhile
I have found the paradox
It helps to see failure
You have good days
Go hard or go home.
Education is not the filling of a pail
Love is a force
Get It Done.
If you want others to be happy
All things are difficult
Peace begins with a smile.
You don’t choose your family
The health of the eye
In the long run