Get busy livin’
The Space Within
We are here on Earth
Three things cannot be long hidden
Change your perspective.
The Strength of a Nation
Faith is the bird
Our actions define our legacy
The soul should always stand ajar
Romance is tempestuous.
Self-love is the source
You either have the reasons
Dream. Choose. Commit.
Talk about it.
Remember When Life’s Path is Steep
The few who do
Relax. All the pieces are fitting together
Most folks are as happy
Cross the bridge
Let your life lightly dance
You have to shut your eyes
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Move, lovely.
All it takes
Don’t work too hard.
Sunset is still my favourite colour
Smile More.
Keep it simple.
In waking a tiger
Self-pity is our worst enemy
The gift of life
Live the life you imagined.
If you are a lighthouse
Be resilient
What will you leave behind?
To myself I am only a child
Find your joy
Things won are done
I’ve Searched
A quiet mind