I’ve written about meditation before, here, here and here.

What’s interesting about meditation, is that I know the value it can bring, yet I struggle to make it a regular part of my daily routine – like yoga, actually.

While on holiday in Cairns (Far North Queensland in Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef), Bel and I went into a spirituality/herbs shop near the night markets. We’d both been a bit stressed/strung-out about the extended family holiday, and were given a child-free night to go space out. In this shop, Bel showed me a bowl of “Oracle Cards” on the counter at the register which said “take one”. So I pulled one out.

It said “Meditate”.

I almost died laughing at the synchronicity of it.

I also realised that the Universe was sending me a strong message to finally take my own advice and start meditating regularly. I started last night, by just sitting still and listening to everything I could hear around me.

I also signed up for the newsletter at Happy Momentum, a wonderful website by yogi Caren Baginski, who has become an online friend, and has a story of how yoga literally saved her life from depression and suicide. Caren’s newsletter signup comes with a bonus guided meditation download, and also comes with a weekly dose of insight and wisdom about life, and how our yoga practice can mirror and reflect what we need in our life.

I highly recommend you signup and get the guided mediation, along with getting Caren’s wisdom every week.

I hope you have a beautiful day, and find 10 minutes to sit still, breathe calmly, and just listen. It will change your day, I promise.

With love,
Israel. xo