Life is a journey


Dear friends!

What a week… I last wrote to you with an IQ on Thursday May 30, as I was boarding a flight to Los Angeles – the first of three flights – to get me to Fargo, North Dakota.

The good news is, I got there in one piece, and Misfit Conf was better that I had ever anticipated – on so many levels.

The bad news is going to be fairly obvious, I think. I had such patchy internet access on my trip, that I was unable to deliver my usual IQ’s to you. For some reason, in the USA, buying a prepaid SIM card for a mobile phone (cell phone) is a nigh-on-impossible task.

There is also another reason I’ve been off the air: Once I landed in Fargo and figured out how full my schedule was going to be, I chose to spend my time really being present in the conference: hanging out with the new, dear friends I had met, and soaking up as much amazing Misfit-ness while I was in town.

To this end, I neglected my bargain with you, of sending you an IQ each and every day. I’m sorry.

I am, however, so thrilled with the outcome of my Misfit adventure that I cannot wait to tell you more about it!

For now, I’ve written a new blog post (the first in QUITE a while) to describe a little of how I’m feeling at the moment. Have a read here.

Until tomorrow, and a return to the regular programming of our IQ series!

With love,
Israel. xo